Billy Garretsen

Brand Development and UX Design


  • Creative leader with 10+ years of commercial UX/UI experience
  • Shipped over 100 games and applications for Web, Mobile, PC, and Console
  • Responsive web design for cross platform online products, iOS and Android
  • High Profile Licensed Content Development
  • Contributor of patented innovations in game mechanics and usability design
  • Rapid development experience. On-time and on-budget
  • Ability to manage multiple products simultaneously
  • Departmental strategy and planning


  • UX Design, Product Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Brand Development, Logo design, graphic design and web design
  • Interface Design, Illustration, Character Design, and Concept Art
  • 3D modeling, texturing, rendering and photo compositing
  • Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, and Infographics
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, AfterFX, 3ds Max, Unity3D, Final Cut Studio, Microsoft Office Suite, Atlassian Tools
  • Bilingual: English & Spanish


 – UX Design Lead | ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. | June 2014 – Current

  • User Experience Design and Visualization Lead
  • Manage internal and external creative teams for asset deliverables
  • Brand Development and Marketing Collateral
  • Responsive website design for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Unity3D – UI integration

 – Creative Director | Thunderdog LLC. | January 2013 – June 2014

  • Partnered with CEO and COO to develop product and branding strategies
  • Established corporate branding and marketing collateral
  • Established new intellectual properties for first party entertainment products
  • Contributed game design, 3D asset production, user experience design, interface design, concept art and level building for web and mobile apps
  • Provided Ice Cap Games with premium templates and tutorials for the GameSalad Creator app development platform
  • Contributed server based lifestyle apps for Sonar Design, Founder’s Card and Get Washed
  • Designed and directed Jenny’s Neighborhood, a bicycle safety web game
  • Provided social radio company, Zello, with web interface and graphic design

 – Creative Director | GameSalad Inc. | March 2011 – January 2013

  • Partnered with CEO, CPO and COO to develop internal and external product strategies
  • Provided direction and usability design for GameSalad Creator development tools
  • Contributed to strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Tencent, Tizen, Intel, Amazon and Google
  • Contributed to day one launch products for Windows 8 App Store, Google Web App Store, Tencent Application Center and Kindle Fire App Store
  • Shipped nearly 30 mobile and web products in less than two years
  • Multiple titles reached top 100 paid and free categories
  • Designed and directed 2 Broke Girls web and mobile game to accompany TV debut
  • Managed 3-way licensing deal between Zumiez, Neff Clothing and artist Deadmau5
  • Designed and directed training applications for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air
  • Monetization and retention design for sponsored features, advertising and free to play games
  • Managed creative specialist team to rapidly develop and publish apps, community documentation and provide usability testing for engineering staff
  • Provided official documentation, tutorials, webinars, best practices and creative content to community of 500k+ app developers
  • Contributed to formation of Ice Cap Games publishing brand
  • Created and managed community engagement podcast “GameHunks”
  • Provided on-site game design seminars at various universities around the United States
  • Managed booth presentations at consumer trade shows

 – Creative Director | Perfect Dork Studios | April 2007 – January 2011

  • Outsource art development for 3rd party console and mobile game products
  • Led a multi disciplined team of designers, engineers and testers
  • Designed and directed School of Rock Little Wing game and companion app for iOS
  • Provided visual development for Stan Lee’s The Traveler mobile app
  • Created a series of high quality 3D visualizations for Parker Drilling Company saving millions by virtually prototyping rig functionality and site planning
  • Managed licensed content for Right Guard, Sesame Street, Zhu Zhu Pets, Magnolia Film, and Boom Comics
  • Provided Black Lantern Studios with over 200 original Sesame Street illustrations in under two weeks
  • Provided Hellfire Games with a full user interface design and graphics package for Playstation Home game Novus Prime in under two weeks
  • Designed and directed eight independent game products including Bumble Tales, Headstone Harry and Blade of Betrayal on iOS, Android and PC
  • Managed booth presentations at consumer trade shows

 – Illustrator | Multimedia Games, Inc. | September 2004 – March 2011

  • Designed and developed visuals for over 50 original casino game products and ports
  • Partnered with Game & Art Directors to establish scope, wireframes and visual guidelines
  • Symbol Illustration, Interface Design, Logo Design, Character Illustration, 2D Animation
  • Provided documentation and best practices for internal tools
  • Experienced in casino gaming regulations for Class II and Class III products
  • Format graphics for screen, glass and print


  • University of Texas – Austin – 2004 BA, Studio Art
  • Patent – US 20140080571 A1 – “Gaming system, method, and program product for generating additional payout chances in a wagering game”
  • Patent – US 20140087818 A1 – “Wagering game with symbol selection gamepiece”
  • Patent – US 20110244952 A1 – “Wagering game, gaming machine and networked gaming system with customizable player avatar”
  • 2010 Reel Performer Award – honored by Multimedia Games as first annual “Reel Performer” for Creativity and Innovation
  • 2013 World of Warcraft Tribute – published artwork in gaming anthology
  • 2011 Mega Man Tribute – published artwork in gaming anthology

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