Spotlight – Gaming Patents


Over the course of many years working in the art department at Multimedia Games, Inc. I was fortunate enough to contribute to a handful of gaming patents. Many times during the course of the conceptual phase of these games we would often create interesting gameplay mechanics inspired by the creative themes of our games. For example, a dragon themed game could feature an exciting bonus where a dragon burns holes in the reels to reveal prizes and wild symbols. Many times we would stumble upon unique mechanics that could be patented and protected for future exclusive use. Below are filed patents that I was included on.


Gaming system, method, and program product for generating additional payout chances in a wagering game

US 20140080571 A1

This mechanic was designed to allow large individual reel spaces to be split into smaller windows that could also be applicable to winning combinations, creating new payline configurations in the process.


Wagering game with symbol selection gamepiece

US 20140087818 A1

This patent is for a mechanic that allowed a perceived skill bonus on the main game screen where symbols could be highlighted at random and either auto selected or user selected via input to generate a prize or special condition (ala transform symbols to WILDS). This mechanic was designed in conjunction with the game theme “Eye of the Pharaoh” in which an ornate pharaoh head would light up randomly and select exciting prizes.


Wagering game, gaming machine and networked gaming system with customizable player avatar

US 20110244952 A1

This patent was among the largest I contributed to and was the centerpiece of a social platform that would connect the MGAM products via persistent player progress and tracking. The symbol of the player’s progress would be depicted through their customized user avatar that could be dressed up in fun and exciting ways. Personalization, achievements and special discounts were planned features.

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