Monetization Design – Ice Cap Games

In 2013 I provided Ice Cap Games with premium game design modules focused on various monetization features geared towards effective conversion and super easy implementation using the GameSalad development platform. Each of the ten modules included full step by step documentation as well as end to end video walkthroughs to help developers of all skill levels achieve effective monetization.

In addition, each module included valuable design practices that I have established over my career making monetized games. I was able to provide context and best practices for how and when to use certain modules. Monetization design is not a silver bullet. Each gaming experience requires careful thought in order to isolate the monetization practices that work best.

In my experience good monetization has always started with a FUN core game play loop. Fun creates engagement and retention, two essential ingredients for monetization. Games that fail to create retention have immense player (payer) drop off, limiting their revenue potential. These modules assume a fun core loop and should not be expected to convert players on their own.




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